The Robinhoods Difference

There are reasons why Robinhoods are endorsed by more pro’s than any other. It's simple. It boils down to the 3 F's-

Fit, Fashion, Function


Robinhoods products are known for their industry leading fit. They fit like spray paint :) Let's face it- an ill fitting garment not only looks bad, but it makes your horse uncomfortable. We all know how fast an uncomfortable horse can tear off a garment when they want to. Ever seen the eye holes torn up on your stretch horse hood? That only comes from your horse trying to rub the irritating hood out of his eyes! If the garment fits well, your horse will forget about it, and he'll leave it alone. You might find a cheaper hood, but it's wasted money if your horse tears it off the first night.

  • Robinhoods will not rub into your horses eyes.
  • Robinhoods will not rub your horses mane out.
  • Robinhoods will stay where you put them.


The trend setting Robinhoods garments will keep you and your horse looking like the best of the best. They are endorsed by the most successful horsemen in the country. World Champions are aware of the extra edge Robinhoods give them, and they also know they make their horses look incredible!


Robinhoods products are designed to make your horse's coat look its best. They tame the most fierce manes, polish dull coats to a sheen, block sun damage, and keep your horse's coat from winterizing. We put in a tremendous amount of thought and planning when we design, engineer and manufacture our garments. Here's a few innovations we've thought of so you don't have to:

  • The World's Best Lycra - We use top quality, 4 way stretch Lycra. Many of "the others" use only 2 way stretch Lycra. 2 way stretch Lycra is cheaper, but the fit you get leaves a lot to be desired.
  • Self Healing Coil Zippers - they make for easy on and off, and they reshape themselves every time you zip them.
  • Nylon Zipper Covers - protects the zipper from stall door rub.
  • No Center Seam Over Horses Neck - seams over manes rub them out!
  • Center Yoke - the center yoke costs a little more, but it's a major factor in comfort and fit. Once you've used them, you won't be happy without them.
  • ABS Buckles - indestructible buckles instead of Velcro that snags garment, and loads with debris.
  • Stretchable Seams - All Lycra garments are assembled using a special sewing process that makes seams stretchable as well. They simply will not come unraveled!

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